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What We Do

We can help you find your voice, soften your accent, and change the way you lead.
"Finding your voice is just like getting in shape. You have to train for it."

Finding your voice can be tricky. You don’t know if you can trust what you read online. You’re not sure if what you’re trying is working. At VoiceHacker, we know the world is changing - and that voice training needs to change with it. That’s why we’re putting together the best courses and content for you to train with - so that you can get the most out of your voice.

We’ve worked with actors, singers, doctors, football commentators, TV presenters, schoolteachers, voiceover artists, and executives. We’ve taken clients from Time Warner, Sky, the BBC, NHS, MEC and Accenture. And we’ve taught more than 3,000 lessons to many hundreds of clients.

Whether you’re an actor looking to master an accent, an executive looking for the power to convince, or you just feel like you haven’t found your voice; you’ve come to the right place.

  • Accent Training

    Get lessons over Skype or learn along with our twice-weekly podcast on the British Accent.

  • Voice Coaching

    Learn to project your voice with downloadable warm-ups and daily voice articles.

  • Leadership Communication

    Join Time Warner, Sky and Accenture in taking advantage of our leadership expertise.

  • Public Speaking

    Join a public speaking course in London or take advantage of our daily voice articles.


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With a MA in Voice and Singing and thousands of hours of experience, Matt Pocock works developing the content for VoiceHacker.
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Mark Hill

Accent Specialist
With a MA in Voice from Guildford School of Acting and years of experience in the acting industry, Mark is an accent specialist who teaches our Skype Accent students.

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