July 17, 2014

Who We Are

Welcome to VoiceHacker - the place to go for cutting-edge training on public speaking and vocal health. We want you to master the skills to communicate more confidently, whether speaking on-stage to hundreds or over coffee for two. We know that the voice has the power to make a change - not only in how others see you, but also in how you see yourself. We don't do monkey-see, monkey-do teaching. We want you to know how things really work. And we don't promise that it's going to be easy - but our methods are the most direct and most scientific of any you're likely to find.

What We Do

We offer three services: one-to-one lessons, public workshops, and bespoke corporate training. Our one-to-one sessions can be taken over Skype, or in person. We run them all the way through the week, and they're our most popular way to learn. If you're looking to master an accent, change the way you speak or practice a presentation, that's the way to go.

We do public workshops on speaking every month or so, and they're organised through our Meetup page. They're a perfect way to test out what training with VoiceHacker is like, and our positive reviews speak for themselves.

Finally, we do bespoke corporate training. We've worked with clients from companies as diverse as the BBC, Sky, Time Warner, Hermes Investment Management, the EU, KPMG and Ernst & Young.

Who runs VoiceHacker?

VoiceHacker is run by Matt Pocock, the 3,000-lesson voice coach with a MA in Voice. Matt is an expert in the voice, having worked as a singing teacher, dialect coach and public speaking trainer. In 2015, he gave a speech on public speaking to 2,000 delegates at Westminster Central Hall for Accenture, appearing alongside Jon Snow of Channel 4. In 2017, he directed the voiceover of Transamazonica, a documentary which followed Reza Pakravan and Pip Stewart as they cycled the trans-amazonian highway. He has worked with teachers, actors, singers, top executives, and prospective MP's. He's even been interviewed for the Guardian, the Mail on Sunday and BBC Click.

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