How To Breathe For Singing & Speaking

Full Course: How To Breathe For Speaking & Singing

For the first time, I’m excited to announce that VoiceHacker are putting together┬ásome interactive courses. I wanted to give my students something to take away to practice, and I finally landed on this as the format. So here it is. For free. These are exercises designed to be practical, to quiz you on what you’re[…]

VoiceHacker Public Speaking

5 Ways That Your Voice Is Sabotaging Your Success

7%, 38%, 55%. That’s the ratio that everyone quotes when it comes to the importance of body language. It’s from a study by Albert Mehrabrian, and says that only 7% of communication relies on the words we choose. The other 93% is conveyed in ‘non-verbal’ cues: 38% in the tone of your voice and 55%[…]

9 Reasons That Politicians Use Vocal Coaches (And You Should Too)

9 Reasons That Politicians Use Vocal Coaches (And You Should Too)

Politicians get a bad rap these days. They’re accused of being liars, of being unsure of their convictions, and of pandering to the public. But the pressures on them are huge. The technology of the soundbite has made it possible for their worst moments to be repeated and retweeted. Every news anchor with their salt[…]

The Z Sound - Singing Lessons London

Articulation: The ‘Z’ Sound

The ‘Z’ sound is pretty nasty – it takes a lot of muscularity in the tongue and crops up in unexpected places. Many of the words that you’ll think of as containing ‘s’ sounds are actually hidden z’s. Sounds, hides, causes, as, his… All z’s. So learn your s’s from your z’s with 2,000-hour vocal[…]

The R Sound - Singing Lessons London

Articulation: The ‘R’ Sound

The ‘R’ sound can be a nasty one for speakers, especially those with accents which are not particularly muscular. Cambridge and Estuary speakers are particularly at risk, though a weak ‘R’ crops up every now and again for others too. In this clip, 2,000-lesson vocal coach Matt Pocock shows you how to strengthen the ‘R’[…]

Mirroring: This Hypnotist’s Trick Will Make People Listen To You

How do I add presence and depth to my voice? Sometimes people switch off or don’t seem to get everything I say – how do I change that? What do hypnotists have to do with public speaking? Hypnotism is a fascinating science. At its core, it is the act of entrancing someone so absolutely that[…]

Be Confident: The World’s Most Useless Piece Of Advice

It’s the number one advice that you hear over and over again for performers and public speakers. Be confident: just be confident and it’ll all be fine. And in some sense it’s true. If you’re confident and self-assured, your voice will carry further, you’ll be more convincing, and you’ll feel happier with the results. But[…]

Vocal Burnout: 3 Tips To Stop You From Ruining Your Voice

Why does the voice suddenly stop working? Can’t you just push through when it gets bad? Head VoiceHacker Matt Pocock took on this question for Vocalzone’s VoiceHacker blog. The truth is about vocal burnout is that it happens slowly – and the early signs can be spotted well in advance. They will often come in[…]