Public Speaking Courses London

March 21, 2016

Public Speaking Courses London

Public Speaking Courses London is part of the family of VoiceHacker sites, running public speaking workshops for small groups and large amounts of delegates.

Public Speaking Courses London: What Kind Of Courses Do They Run?

Public Speaking Courses London runs courses in accent softening, public speaking and interview technique. Accent softening is perfect for those people who get the question “Where Are You From?” again and again. The public speaking courses are perfect for those who need to connect with their bodies, quell nervousness or learn to access parts of their voice they’ve never found before. Finally, the interview technique seminars are ideal for anyone who wants a competitive edge at their next test.

Public Speaking Courses London: What Methods Do They Use?

VoiceHacker and Public Speaking Courses London share a founder - Matt Pocock - whose methods focus on how the body and voice affect the impression you make on others. You’ll work on methods that focus on the feeling of speaking with confidence. You’ll learn what the aryepiglottic fold does, what the rectus abdominis is for, and how you can use the false vocal folds to help you speak with power. It’s remarkable how mechanical it is when you get down to it. And Public Speaking Courses London does a great job making all this new information accessible.

Public Speaking Courses London: How Do I Get Involved?

Public Speaking Courses London run courses with great regularity in central London. The venue, The Actor’s Centre, is very close to Covent Garden. You can book Matt as a keynote speaker, or get in touch for a private lesson. You can even email Matt at to ask questions directly.