Skype Lessons

March 23, 2017

Should I Get Skype Lessons?

We do Skype lessons for people who want tuition that's tailored to them. If you've got an accent that you feel isn't working, or feel that you're not making the impact you'd like to when you speak, you can get training with us.

Accent Lessons over Skype

Accent training works very well over Skype. Over half of our students take their lessons online, from countries all across the world. It could be because you're looking for elocution lessons, to speak a British or American accent in a neutral, clear voice. Or maybe you're an actor looking to master an accent for a role.

Every accent is made up of sounds which differ from person to person. If you come from Liverpool, you speak using different sounds than if you come from Lagos. And accent training is about becoming flexible to new sounds in your voice, and learning them. That means it involves a lot of training away from lessons.

When it comes to practice, we've got you covered. You'll walk away with a recording of each session, as well as a customised online site (on Google Docs) which organises the information in the lessons and makes practising easy.

Public Speaking Training over Skype

We all lead busy lives. That means commuting to training can be an enormous waste of time. More and more people are starting to take public speaking courses over Skype, where they can practice wherever they like.

These lessons take the form of conversations - we'll talk about your goals, what kinds of difficulties you'd like to overcome. And we'll begin introducing exercises to tackle those challenges. That could be learning to breathe in a certain way to manage tension brought on by nervousness. It could be developing flexibility to new tones of voice and increasing the gravitas or liveliness of your voice.

These conversations have changed the way our students speak. We'll bring you new insights into how your voice can work, and what your potential could be.

Prices and Availability

Our prices vary from between £32/hour to £55/hour, depending on which country you'll be calling from, how many lessons you'd like to commit to, and whether you're eligible for any discounts.

You can take lessons any time from 10AM-7PM GMT.

All the lessons are with our network of associate teachers, though you can request lessons with our founder Matt Pocock.

Get In Touch

Email Matt at, or call at +447712676946 to talk more. You can even send us a message at our contact form.