Vocal Burnout: 3 Tips To Stop You From Ruining Your Voice

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Why does the voice suddenly stop working? Can't you just push through when it gets bad? Head VoiceHacker Matt Pocock took on this question for Vocalzone's VoiceHacker blog.

The truth is about vocal burnout is that it happens slowly - and the early signs can be spotted well in advance. They will often come in the form of little ‘nicks’ in the voice - audible sounds that something is going wrong. These ‘nicks’ come from bad habits. Matt explains:

The voice doesn't have bad days, only bad habits. The most common habit that leads to burnout is a sound which is 'out of balance’. […] To make louder sounds, the body does two things. It raises the air pressure coming through the body, and thickens up the vocal folds to vibrate stronger and faster. So there is a constant balancing act between the two - the abdominal pressure and the vocal fold resistance.

It’s when the body falls out of balance that trouble can start. This might be from pushing too hard from the abdomen, or not resisting sufficiently from the vocal folds. Either habit can lead to an unhealthy, distorted vibration which can lead to heavy burnout very fast.

But how do you spot these ‘nicks’ in the voice? Matt explains below.

Check out the full article, including tips to help you deal with burnout and correct your balance, at Vocalzone’s site.

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